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  November 1, 2012 9:19 PM
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    Date: November 1st, 2012 by AHC

    1.   Use It or Lose It
    50% of Undergrads today, termed the “IT” generation, have a chance of reaching 100 years old in relatively good health if they find ways to combat their sedentary lifestyles. Be active and exercise!

    2.   Sense of Community
    Increasing numbers of Japanese corporate warrior retirees are turning to alcohol, dating sites and gambling to idle away unfamiliar free time.  Solution: Find ways to contribute, socialize, spend time with friends and family.

    3.   Sharing and Caring
    The more your volunteer in your senior years, the more likely you are to live longer and healthier. Keep busy helping others, and you will help yourself.

    4.   Moderation in All Things
    Those who eat more sparingly and regularly are less likely to suffer from premature aging. But being too thin and living with deprivation and constant dietary restraint does more harm than good. Moderation in all things, avoiding that which you KNOW is unhealthy.

    5.   Home is Where the Hearth Is
    These days, those who live the longest are residents of a tiny village in Japan and the tiny European Republic of San Marino. A simple life style coupled with a close and loving family life seems key. Live peacefully, simply, lovingly and it will hold you in good stead. Another characteristic – home grown local food.

    6.   Too Thin, Too Fat, Just Right
    Amazingly, Japanese researchers have discovered that SLIGHTLY chubby people have a longer life span than the very thin. Some have said that the thin often smoke and suffer from stress related illness. Note: those who were notably overweight had the lowest life expectancy.

    7.   Stay Productive Among Others
    We all know that inactivity and boredom as we get older is very detrimental for longevity. So it should be no surprise that those who walk often, stay productive, interact with others regularly have longer life spans. Be on notice!

    8.   Relaxation, Comfort and 1/2 Glass Wine
    A VERY LIGHT amount of wine, less than half a glass (approximately 6 ounces) seems to go hand in hand with longer life. This may be due to the fact that those who are able to keep consumption to such moderation already have healthy habits and the ability to comfortably live with moderation. That may be the biggest health benefit of all.

    Drinking very small amounts of wine may also be indicative of a more social life style of mealtime wine drinking, rather than turning to the bottle for comfort or solace.

    For women, alcohol consumption leads to increased risk of cancer. It may indicate that women who turn drink may be under greater stress than their counterparts. Note: Cancer will be the number one cause of death in 2010.

    9.   Wellderly, Not Illderly!
    Aging gracefully can be a wonderful experience. Jack Rosenthal, President of The New York Times Foundation, suggests the best way to age is to grow WELLDERLY, not ILLDERLY.


    The Most Important Healthy Aging Suggestion of ALL:

    Moderation in ALL things. A little of this and that, here and there. Of, to and for… Variety is the spice OF long life, moderation is the key TO long life, love and laughter the reason FOR long life.


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