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Suzanne Somers NEW BOOK - KNOCKOUT
Suzanne Somers – “KNOCKOUT” Astounding and revealing information about the cancer industry.

Suzanne Somers has written an intensely revealing book about the hugely lucrative cancer treatment “industry.”

She offers stunning indictments of chemotherapy and radiation treatments with well documented sources and statistics.

She discusses alternative physicians and treatments that have yielded much higher rates of success than their traditional counterparts.

Even a number of patients with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer (a particularly virulent and deadly form of cancer) underwent remissions through the use of alternative treatments.

BOOK: “KNOCKOUT: Interviews with Doctors Who are Curing Cancer and How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place.”

About Ms. Somers

Ms. Somers is a popular and well known author, dancer, actress, commedienne and famous television personality.

She lived through a very difficult childhood and experienced a number of personal traumatic events through her young adulthood.

She eventually overcome her past to achieve great personal success.

Personal Experience with Cancer

Ms. Somers was diagnosed twice with cancer. Because of the tremendous misinformation she encountered, she embarked upon a crusade to find the truth about treatment options.

She consulted with innumerable medical professionals from all oncological fields, leaving few stones unturned. Eventually, she was cured through alternative methods.

Suzanne is a verifiable testimony of the veracity of complementary (alternative) treatments.

During her comprehensive research, she discovered that, not only did traditional treatments not work for her, but also did not work for countless others. She has become one of the most energetic and vociferous proponents of alternative complementary health care.

Our Opinion

This book looks to be an amazing read. We highly recommend it.

Whether ones chooses to agree or disagree, her book nevertheless does present a candid, well researched, even courageous view of a vast medical industry that brings in multitudes of billions in profit annually. Is it a money industry or healing industry, or is it both? Is that possible?

More About This Book:KNOCKOUT: Interviews with Doctors Who are Curing Cancer and How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place.”