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  October 8, 2009 7:13 PM
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    Date: October 8th, 2009 by AHC

    Are there dangers?

    Two years ago, Jenny Mellers was a typical 15 year old, active, healthy and vibrant. Then, one fateful day, she was taken to her physician and was given Gardasil to protect against bacterial strains that might cause cervical cancer.

    Within just a couple of weeks of receiving the vaccine, Jenny came down with a juvenile version of Lou Gehrig’s disease. Her family fought long and hard to help find a cure, but eventually she became paralyzed. She was still able to have complete brain function, continuing to enjoy her pet parakeet, Hannah Montana and “Twilight.”

    Early this year, less than two years later, Jenny passed away.

    Did the vaccine cause the disease, and ultimately her death?

    One of the head researchers of Gardasil, Dr. Diane M. Turner stated that they couldn’t be sure that the vaccine was the cause, but that “there’s a strong possibility that Gardasil was the catalyst that set off the ALS. It could have been the straw that broke the camel’s back in a child who was already predisposed to the condition.” 

    In other words, according to a news article written by Deborah Kotz for US News and World Report, “it’s possible Jenny would have eventually developed the disease from another immunological trigger, like a severe stomach virus or a standard flu vaccine, and that the Gardasil shot accelerated the onset of ALS.”

    It’s also possible that Gardasil had NO connection with the onset of the disease, and this was all a coincidence.

    Juvenile Lou Gehrig’s disease is extremely rare and did not occur during any of the research testing. However, there was no research done with young teens.


    What does this mean for women and mothers of young teens who must decide whether or not to use the vaccine?

    There are a number of factors to consider. For one, the vaccine has been shown to have a 70% rate of protection against bacterial strains that may cause cervical cancer. However, the vaccine may not offer protection beyond 5 years.

    The vaccine may work better in people who already had HPV (Human Papillomavirus), or young girls who have not had sexual intercourse.  The research is not conclusive.


    This is strictly between you and your physician. Dr. Harper does believe that Gardasil is a valuable vaccine. However, she does state the following: “I do think it’s wrong for [Merck] to tell parents that it’s 100 percent safe.”

    She has spoken publicly that she thought Merck was too aggressive in marketing to preteens and that she strongly disagreed with their attempt to get legislators to make Gardasil vaccination mandatory for all young girls.


    About Dr. Harper

    Dr. Harper is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), Stanford and Dartmouth College. She is an internationally known researcher, clinician and educator in the field of HPV associated diseases, especially focused on the prevention of cervical cancer.

    She had received grants from Merck to conduct clinical trials on Gardasil and served on their advisory board. She has since resigned from the board and no longer has any relationship with the company.


    We believe that the most optimal protection against HPV and cervical cancers caused by venereal disease is abstinence.

    Young girls should refrain from sexual contact, and parents should do everything in their power to monitor and educate their children regarding the dangers of these diseases and the severe consequences of irresponsible and inappropriate sexual behavior.

    Granted, it is difficult in today’s climate to protect children from the influence of their peers and the dangers inherent in the current cultural climate.

    But THAT is precisely the JOB of parents – to be 100% involved in protecting their children from those risky behaviors. Learning to say “No” is NOT impossible at ALL. It could even be life saving.

    Children are very concerned about their personal health are fully capable of learning about actions that can lead to terrible, unexpected consequences.


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    Thanks to Natural News for bringing this important issue to our attention.



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