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  November 17, 2009 12:03 PM
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    Date: November 17th, 2009 by AHC

    A Balanced View

    Is the H1N1 Flu Shot safe or not? A large number of Internet articles have reported that the H1N1 Flu Vaccine may cause serious health complications. However…

    Do they have absolute proof? No, but they do cite a number of individual cases of negative reactions  reported around the world.

    How many? Currently, the number is extremely minute and makes up a tiny percentage of flu vaccine recipients.

    This is a highly sensitive subject. There are a number of physicians who are dead set against flu vaccinations such as Dr. Mercola and a number of other experts and medical professionals who have refused to take the “shot.”

    What do they know that the general public does not?

    It is claimed that the vaccine was “rushed,” is fairly untested and contains ingredients such a mercury, thimerosol, squalane, aluminum and other semi-toxic components that have been cause to long term health complications.

    The most compelling arguments against vaccinations are that they may contain cancer causing viruses spawned from infected monkey cells that are impossible to remove from modern vaccines, and that certain preservatives may also be a major contributing factor to the high rise in Autism.

    How much of this is true?

    The answer is, no one knows for sure. Much of the rhetoric is stated without absolute proof by both sides of this issue.

    And much of the research from both sides has been hasty, shoddy and ill presented, at best.

    What we DO know for certain is that amonst the millions who have received the H1N1 vaccination, a relatively tiny percentage have suffered ill effect thus far. But what will the future hold for them? Will their children suffer consequences such as increased risk of autism? Cancer? Toxic reactions to the reagents?

    There is NO definitive answer. So in answer to the question, Is the H1N1 Flu Vacine Safe or Not, no one knows for sure. There IS no true answer.

    Some people will do quite fine, others may suffer ill effects. Every individual will react differently.

    The Flu Vaccine industry has been hugely profitable. Vaccine manufacturers have posted increasing profits from over 6 billion to over 20 billion dollars per annum.

    It’s said that a person will kill for $20. What will they do for billions? It’s a phrase that consistently stays within our minds when making decisions about products and companies.

    Would these hugely profitable companies have any pull with politicians, government officials, medical professionals and medical schools and universities whom they fund?

    Of course. But does this mean that vaccines are entirely without merit?

    In summary, one could safely say that the record has proven that the vaccine is safe for some, dangerous for others.

    In the end, it’s a personal decision based upon whom you choose to believe more – those who have criticized vaccinations resoundingly through the years such as Dr. Mercola, Dr. Gary Null, Richard Gale and others, or the CDC, other high placed physicians and industry professionals?

    They say, follow the money. That speaks more for the truth than much else does these days. If there’s money to be made, there are stories to be told and hype to be promoted, from BOTH sides. One side makes considerably more income than the other, however.


    It is recommended that you consult with your personal physician. He or she has the most to lose if they’re wrong. Ask them if they and their families took the vaccine. Find out if your family has been sensitive and reactive to vaccines. Then, decide for yourself whether you feel the vaccine is right for you and your family.

    They say your gut instinct is your best instinct. One thing’s for sure – it’s definitely the best and ONLY instinct you have.

    We have not taken the vaccine. But, if we had small children who went to school, we might reconsider. On the other hand, it is being reported that going through bouts of flu enhances the immune system, thereby preventing future infections, or diminishing the seriousness of future bouts.

    As horribly the thought, very few children have died due to the flu. The chances are extremely minute that it would happen to your family, to your community.

    Some parents feel the side effects from receiving flu vaccine is a small price to pay for peace of mind and the supposed heightened resistence.


    Use baby wipes every time you get into the car. Wipe your steering column. Carry around a small spray bottle of Grain Alcohol mixed with water, or even Vodka. We use unscented baby wipes and grain alcohol spray. We dilute to 50%.

    Best Gargle

    1/2 teaspoon of Bahrenjager’s German Honey Liqueur.

    Since using these methods, we have not become ill. Will it work for you? There are no guarantees.


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