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  November 25, 2009 12:01 AM
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    Date: November 25th, 2009 by AHC

    Recent Articles
    Several articles have come out over the years claiming the SCIO or EPFX Biofeedback System of being a SCAM, a hoax perpetrated upon an unsuspecting populace.

    Unfounded or True?
    Given that thousands of people around the world have experienced remarkable health benefits and stress reduction with resultant self healing through the use of these devices, these accusations may be unfounded or at the very least, less than completely accurate.

    It is also possible that there is an element of truth is some of their claims. Let’s look at all sides.

    Around the World
    These devices have been used in major hospitals and medical facilities throughout the world with great success.

    Biofeedback has been approved by the National Institute of Health as a viable complementary therapy for treating stress, chronic pain and insomnia.

    Thousands of individuals have experienced life changing benefits that can not easily be dismissed as coincidence.

    Biofeedback and Animals
    Animals have experienced major relief and gone on to complete health restoration with self healing.

    There are a number of practitioners who use biofeedback with animals, notably Jim Pickerell of

    Jim has experienced remarkable results that many professionals and experts believe are “indisputable.”

    Mysterious, Inexplainable
    At times, this may seem mysterious and inexplainable. However, so many people and animals have been so positively affected that it is much more highly likely that this is a bonafide stress reduction tool yielding positive measurable results.

    Approval by the FDA
    Our understanding is that the SCIO / EPFX has been approved as a Stress Reduction Device by the FDA and is supported by a number of Certified Practitioners all around the world. Be sure to consult with your practitioner for more details.

    Proper Scrutiny
    Often, alternative and complementary health technologies are subjected to a gauntlet of doubting and mistrusting reporters, a suspicious and protective medical establishment and those who have experienced prior improper care.

    Additionally, alternative healing modalities have always been subject to increased scrutiny, and rightly so.

    A Few Apples in the Bunch
    A few practitioners here and there may make false or unsubstantiated statements due to their lack of sufficient knowledge and understanding of the science and technology involved.

    Caring Practitioners
    Most practitioners are by nature, very caring people. Their hearts may be in the right place, but they may be overeager or misguided, or perhaps have tendencies to exagerate or even mislead.

    Every individual is different. There will always be a certain contingent of individuals who are unable or unwilling to act in accordance with proper protocols.

    Unfortunately, this can occur in almost every type of industry.

    A few misguided individuals may affect the reputation of an entire group of healers and practitioners.

    Personal Observations
    We have had personal experience with the SCIO. We found it to be amazing, helpful, and of true value and benefit.

    AHC Support
    We support and promote practitioners, and are happy to receive remuneration to advertise and promote their services. 

    Our specially approved practitioners have agreed to follow proper protocols and guidelines.

    But we acknowledge that there always will be those who may make false claims, make errors, either innocently or by design.

    Choosing for Yourself
    Everyone should carefully appraise and evaluate their own responses to treatments and therapies and observe whether they experience positive results improvements to their health, or not.

    Placebo Effects
    Sometimes, a placebo effect can be misinterpreted as an actual treatment response.

    On the other hand, a treatment may actually have extremely good effect having little or nothing to do with false interpretations.

    It is up to a certified, licensed professional to help you properly understand and evaluate actual treatment causes and effects.

    Be in the Know
    If you have any hesitation, doubt or trepidation regarding any type of health treatment or health consultation, then speak to others. Do your own, personal research.

    Read as much information as you can. Find out whether friends, family or associates have any feedback for you. Seek out professionals.

    Consulting with Your Physician
    We ALWAYS recommend that you consult with your personal physician for any health issues or problems you may be experiencing. And, of course, we are not medical professionals in any capacity whatsoever, and offer the above information strictly as a courtesy, and as opinion, only.

    We wish you the absolute best success with whatever health modality you choose.


    More Information
    EPFX SCIO Biofeedback Information



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