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  August 20, 2009 9:34 PM
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    Date: August 20th, 2009 by AHC

    Miracle of Golden Raisins and Gin

    This natural, free “remedy” is gaining wide acclaim. Over 90% of online commenters speak highly of the miracle of Golden Raisins soaked in gin for arthritis discomfort, and report that consuming just 9 or 10 of these specially prepared raisins has completely relieved them of their arthritis pain. More Below ?

    No one has any idea why this works, just that evidently, it does. Some say even if their pain relief was due to the placebo effect, fine with them! They’ll take whatever they can get.

    The plain truth is, for some  un-researched reason, this concoction has a huge number of arthritis sufferers convinced of its effectiveness for pain, and therefore happy and willing to eat their dried soaked raisins daily without reservation.

    Some have deliberately stopped using the raisins to see what would happen. Others ran out and neglected to make more. Almost to a one, they claim their pain gradually returned. This self experimentation convinced them that their raisin and gin concoction was genuinely effective.

    Of course everyones’ reactions may differ according to their own physiology and makeup. But it may be certainly something worth considering. Recipe Below ?

    The recipe is very simple – empty a box of golden raisins (raisins that have been dried with a little help from sulfer dioxide gas to keep them yellow rather than turning dark brown) into a glass container such as a pyrex bowl, pan or dish. Cover barely to the top with gin, almost any will do although some believe that the higher quality gins have more aromatics.) Cover with cheesecloth or leave its lid slightly open so that all the liquid evaporates and your left with dried raisins after 7 to 10 days.  Refrigerate.

    RECIPE for Golden Raisins Soaked in Gin

    1 Box Dried Golden Raisins
    Enough Gin to Cover
    Glass container with lid or cheesecloth


    Empty box of golden raisins into the dish, cover barely to the top of the raisins with gin, let sit for 7 to 10 days until all the gin has evaporated and the raisin are fairly dry. If they’re slightly moist, no problem.


    You can refrigerate when absorption is complete and the gin has dissipated.

    How Many are People Eating?

    Most people eat 9 or 10 raisins per day to receive maximal benefit. Can you eat more? No one is sure – as they say, All Things in Moderation.

    How Long Does It Take to See an Effect?

    Within a week to 2 months, most people seem notice results. There are a few who report no effect, but they’re far and few between. Perhaps most people who do not seem to receive results are less likely to post their experiences online.

    One person reported no pain relief, but wish they had like the others had, in the forum.

    We find this fascinating and worth repeating. Old Folk Remedies, or remedies that people have discovered for themselves can be very worth a try.

    If this magical preparation works for you, all the better.

    Why Does This Work for So Many People?

    No official research has been conducted regarding this unusual recipe. Some say the aromatic juniper oils of the gin in combination with the sulfer and antioxidants within the raisins help with inflammation. But no one claims to know for sure.

    If one can make and use this raisin recipe and receive arthitis pain relief, then it surely is something to consider trying!



    1. I suffer terribly with arthritis in my hands but as soon as I stopped eating red meat it made a huge difference. I still eat fish and I can’t resist bacon (who can!) but I’m sure it is because I’m no longer eating the fats in the meat that has helped me.


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