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  September 30, 2012 10:58 PM
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    Date: September 30th, 2012 by AHC
    Drug Company Abuses and Manipulations

    Drug Company Abuses and Manipulations


    Shane Ellison, M.S. is an award winning organic chemist who worked with such pharmaceutical giants as Eli Lilly. Below are some of his most shocking revelations.

    Here are some of his discoveries that may shock you:

    FDA – A Private Funded Administration?
    » One of the most stunning, unknown facts is that the FDA is almost 50% privately funded by the very companies they are supposed to regulate. This is due to a little known funding option called the Prescription Drug User Fee Act. This act allows the FDA to collect unlimited fees from drug companies. When one is being paid by the very entities that they are supposed to oversee, what sort of abuses will occur?

    Fake Breast Cancer Awareness Month?
    » Many people believe that Breast Cancer Awareness Month was created to help women learn about and deal with breast cancer. The truth is much more sinister. Breast Cancer Awareness Month was actually created by a pharmaceutical company and their ad agency hired to spur public demand for breast cancer drug approval without comprehensive research.

    A Breast Cancer Treatment Drug That Increases Cancer Risk?
    » Tamoxifen was created as a HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) drug. It was discovered that this drug increased the risk of contracting breast cancer. Unbelievably, Tamoxifen been used as a breast cancer treatment drug. How could this happen? Here’s how: In 1992, a Tamoxifen evangelist, Dr. Bernard Fisher, then Director of the National Cancer Institute, received $68 million in federal money to assess whether the drug could prevent breast cancer. He falsified data and reported that the drug was safe and effective with a 50% cancer reduction rate. The truth was, the actual success rate was a statistically insignificant 1.4%. He lost his position as director. Perhaps he should have been arrested, considering that many women may have been severely harmed by his false information.

    “False” Medical Articles In Respected Medical Journals?
    » Many of the articles about pharmaceutical drugs have been written by ghostwriters and the articles’ purported physician and accredited authors may have had little or no knowledge of these articles. These written pieces have been printed by prestigious and respected peer review journals and have been used as research approval evidence.

    Drugs From Human Urine and Feces In Our Water Supply
    » Unbelievably, more than 100 different pharmaceuticals have been detected in lakes, rivers, reservoirs and streams throughout the world. The EPA says there are no sewage treatment systems specifically engineered to remove pharmaceuticals. Back in 2008, 41 million Americans’ water supply was laced with pharmaceutical drugs. What do you think the number is now? The number of drug prescriptions per person has skyrocketed since. These drugs are not all absorbed; much continues to be passed through their digestive system into water aquifers, rivers and waterways that supply the nation’s water.

    Over-Prescription In the Name of Profit

    » Drug companies are working feverishly to popularize a drug for every human condition, natural and unnatural, so that every human may be taking some form of pharmaceutical prescribed medication. Children as young as 4 months are being put on drugs that may alter mood. Many Americans have 10-50 drugs in their medicine cabinet that they may take regularly. What does this do to their kidneys? Livers? What drug interactions may be silently wreaking havoc on their systems? It is true that one man’s addiction is another man’s profit. Have we become addicted to pharmaceuticals?


    Reference: Shane Ellison, M.S. is an award winning (Two-time recipient of the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Grant for his studies in biochemistry and physiology) medicinal, organic chemist who worked with prestigious pharmaceutical giants such as Eli Lilly. He chose to resign from his secure and successful positions in the pharmaceutical industry after becoming aware of drug company manipulations and abuses that increasingly began to frighten him.

    Reference: One Nation Under Drugs: How Big Pharma Is Sabotaging Your Health and the Environment


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