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  June 7, 2010 10:47 AM
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    Date: June 7th, 2010 by AHC

    Article with a Detailed Personal Experience and Review About Reconnective Healing™

    Discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl, Author of the best seller, “The Reconnection – Healing Others, Healing Yourself

    Dealing with:

    Eating Disorders
    Vertigo, Nausea
    Dizziness, Imbalance
    Long Term Illness
    Food Sensitivities
    Brain Trauma
    Brain Damage
    Neck and Spinal Problems
    Other Health Problems


    Note: We will likely add Amazon links to our website for Dr. Pearl’s products, thereby opening the possibility deriving a small profit. However, our review is completely unbiased, and strictly governed by honest evaluation and observation, reporting both positive or negative.

    Recently, we had the opportunity to personally experience Reconnective Healing. The strange thing was that we ordinarily take such types of healing in stride -that is, we respect all of them, none necessarily above the other.

    However, in this case, we were drawn as if by unknown forces to investigate “the Reconnection Healing” further beyond our normal call of interest. Perhaps it was the special energy and vitality expressed by our friend who had presented the information to us.

    We became so interested that one of our colleagues who is extremely ill, immediately went out and bought the book, “The Reconnection – Heal Others, Heal Yourself” by Dr. Eric Pearl.

    Her story follows below, and our Review below that.

    My Personal Experience with Reconnective Healing™
    by SoulGirl


    (Apologies, this is rather long and has far too many “I’s.” But for those who are ill, the following may offer some understanding, glimmers of hope, possibilities.)


    I’ve been sickly seemingly my whole life. But now, I was dying, dying badly. Or, if I wasn’t, I was surely beginning to wish I would, as quickly and painlessly as possible.

    The last 5-6 weeks have been the worst I had ever gone through. It was as if my brain was losing the ability to function properly, my senses assaulted, my perceptions altered.

    I have been extremely ill with a type of vertigo, dizziness and brain “disconnect” that has almost completely disabled me.

    I had been taken to Emergency by a dear friend, the doctor said my condition was “fatal” if I wasn’t able to make radical changes. Was it too late? My friend didn’t believe so… but I thought differently.

    Despair, Despondence
    I was getting progressively despondent to the degree that I was finally losing the will to go on. To compound matters, I’ve had eating disorders from my earliest memories, and my health was already seriously deteriorated.

    When I first heard about Reconnective Healing in emails from a colleague and practitioner, I tried to dismiss it. “Just another form of healing that works just the same as all the rest,” I thought. Nothing that could help someone like me.

    But for some mysterious reason, I seemed inextricably drawn to seek out more information, so much so that I made very special effort to find and buy the book that very day.

    The “Book”
    When I held the book in my hand and scanned through, I seemed to eye key words as if the pages held special meaning. Now that I think about it, it was as if it were an inevitability for me to be drawn to it.

    Normally, as a science and technology based person, I tend to be very objective about “energy,” “feelings” and “intuition.” So it’s very odd to me that a book could hold any type of energy or power. It must be the power of imagination I thought.

    After coming home, I continued to get more and more ill. But finally, one morning after a particularly horrendous evening of sickness and despair, I was able to weakly open and begin reading the book.

    To my surprise, throughout the day as I slept on and off, I was able to read the entire book through. It was engrossing from start to finish. Even more so, it gave me something I had thought I had lost… hope.

    I just don’t ordinarily take anything for granted and I always want proof before believing anything. In this case, I could see that there WAS proof…

    Dr. Eric Pearl has held seminars, meetings and talks at major universities, scientific research institutions and major hospitals and medical facilities around the world. And THEY were achieving miraculous healing cures.

    The proof was in the pudding, so to speak. BUT…

    Could it, would it, work for me?

    Sickly Since a Child and Getting Worse

    Having been sickly since a child, I had long given up believing anything in either traditional or alternative medicine could have long term restorative effect in me.

    The book states something very interesting. It says that just by having picked up the book, then having read it, already means that you’ve been affected by the “shift,” for you’ve opened yourself up to a new “energy flow.” It may sound like malarkey, but something in me indeed seemed to recognize some sort of change.

    I tried the experiment of putting my hands together as the book described. At first I felt nothing. Then, a slight warmth. I just wasn’t sure it had anything to do with what the book described.

    I emailed and tried to call the practitioner who had introduced this to me. Finally, we connected, and her energy, vitality and sweet cheer comforted me. Dare I believe? Well, no… I didn’t dare. And yet there was something different about all of this.

    Perhaps it would be just one more disappointment to me. Or, perhaps… not…

    Talking with Bonnie
    After having spoken in depth with Bonnie the practitioner, I felt compelled to read everything online I could about Reconnective Healing. I watched video after video and read every blog post and article I could find. Was this a scam? A fraud? There were those who said, “sure,” it’s nonsense. But there were others whose lives were irrevocably changed for the better.

    Could it be the placebo effect? Whatever it was, I was willing to try.

    Bonnie was willing to help. We did a trade, and for some odd reason, I was also driven to gather all the information I could and provide it on the Alternative Health Community website. That information is presented here by AHC.

    First Session
    My first session with Bonnie was done remotely two countries away, spanning from Northeast Canada to Southern California. She would be working on me at 5 AM, my time.

    It seemed impossible that someone so far, with no contact with me, could effect any change in my health. I knew most people would consider the idea preposterous. But, I was game for anything at this point. And Bonnie had told me, “Don’t question it – just let whatever happen, happen.”

    The instructions were for me to have no expectations, to just be as a child… open to possibilities whatever they might be. Would it work? Who knows? Did I have hope? I’m not even sure. But something did feel… a tad bit hopeful. I think it was Bonnie’s confidence and natural joy and openness.

    That night around 5 AM, I awoke to feel my hands slightly tingling. Was that Bonnie? What if she said she was working on me but really wasn’t? How could I know for sure? I fell back asleep, not sure what to think.

    I often wake up at night these days… but not with hands tingling.

    The Day After
    The next morning, the day seemed to progress as usual. But then I realized that I had completely lost my appetite, and suddenly I became fearful.

    It was as if I had lost all my reserve energy, and the whole day was a weak and bleary blur. I weighed myself and to my horror, I discovered I lost 25 pounds in 5 weeks – a huge amount in my eyes.

    Ordinarily I would have rejoiced… no one can be thin enough, or so I used to think.

    I thought this drastic unintentional weightloss was signaling the end for me. A friend told me I would be on a downward spiral. His words seem to be a predilection. It’s funny how negative comments can have such negative impact!

    If I lost more weight, I would surely die, and die badly. For the first time I can ever remember, I wished I could gain weight, rather than lose it.

    Body Image…
    Now that I think about it, without realizing it, my whole body image perception, anorexia, bulemia, weight loss, food and food relationships had altered profoundly.

    For instance, I used to think extremely thin, even emaciated young women looked just fine. The thinner, the better.

    Suddenly, in the matter of a day it seemed, my whole way of thinking had changed. Now, such a thin woman looked terribly unhealthy… someone needing help.

    Veil Lifted
    It’s as if a veil has been lifted from my eyes, and I was seeing a new reality. The true reality.

    I spoke with Bonnie on the phone. We had a wonderful conversation. She seemed to understand my pain, and told me many helpful and comforting things.

    I looked forward to continuing, even though the day had been difficult and trying. In fact, there was no way I wouldn’t continue. “Just let things happen.” That was what I was learning to do.

    Throughout the day, I was only able to drink water with a bit of mineral water plus a small amount of brown sugar. I must have drunk 6 or more quarts, and I didn’t seem to need to go to the bathroom.

    It seemed as though my body had great need for water and had decided that I must fast.

    I did not realize it at the time, but something had changed. Whether it was due to Reconnection, how could I say? And whether it would be helpful or not, I did not know.

    The Second Session
    That night, I again awoke with slight tingling in my hands at 3:40. Was that Bonnie again? I would ask her what time she worked on me. I went back to sleep.

    And yes… I’m so grateful that I have been able to sleep… I realize how blessed that can be.

    The next morning was difficult. I felt more ill at ease, extremely weak and exhausted and completely “discombobulated.”

    The world kept bouncing, moving unsteadily around me and my body seemed in “panic” mode. It seemed to “hum.” It was flooding my system with “worry chemicals and hormones,” I was sure.

    It didn’t occur to me that any healing might have been going on.

    I managed to have a nice conversation with Bonnie in the morning. She confirmed that she had worked on me earlier this time.

    Again, I could only take water.

    Healing Crisis, Dark Before the Dawn
    As the day progressed, I seemed to grow increasingly weary and fearful, and the sense of false motion and misery becoming progressively worse. I was finally ready to give up.

    I emailed loved ones, friends; it was about over for me. I was ready to stop even trying to go on – no more special food, no more special efforts…

    I was ready to throw in the towel, call it quits. I started to make preparation for the end… what to do with my stuff, how to say goodbyes, how to let go.

    I spoke with a friend… we prayed and I did derive comfort. I then spoke to another healing practitioner friend who told me this could be a “healing crisis.” She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I managed to finally fall asleep.

    The Third Session
    That night, I did not feel any tingling in my hands as I had the previous nights. Was Bonnie able to work with me? Somehow I believed she had. I just knew she wouldn’t quit, no matter what.

    I awoke feeling different, unsure. Still unsteady, but not quite as badly as the previous day. I was weakly able to work on the computer, watching and listening to videos while I continued to collect Reconnection information. It was as if being compelled by an unknown hand.

    Later that day, I was even able to get a SCIO session from a friend. She offered great comfort, lots of loving and supportive words. I hoped it wouldn’t interfere with Bonnie’s sessions. No, of course it wouldn’t. Loving healing energy always works together.

    (I’ve recently found out that it’s best to let Reconnective Healing occur alone without simultaneously using other forms of energy healing.)

    In the evening, I was able to eat half a mango. I was so afraid any food would cause brain repurcussions. But the mango did well with me, and I again fell asleep.

    The Fourth Day
    I awoke at around 3:45 AM with nervous energy and made the mistake of checking the time on my laptop. I wasn’t able to fall back asleep, and had only gotten 3 1/2 hours of sleep. With such little sleep, the day was promising to go bady.

    For some odd reason, I was now beginning to crave sunlight. For virtally my entire life, I’ve gone out of the way to avoid it, not liking it, thinking it was too hot and painful. Now I loved it. How strange.

    I went outside and sat in the sunlight with grateful appreciation. What were these strange changes in me?

    Food Cravings
    My body was going on a self-regulated fast, I was craving sunlight, my eating disorders and food cravings had completely seemed to disappear. How could that be? Perhaps it was only a temporary thing.

    An interesting thing is that food cravings can be almost impossible to get rid of, no matter how hard you try. It’s a terrible, seemingly uncontrollable addiction as bad as any other. And it’s deadly.

    Addiction Gone
    The fact that my addiction had completely gone suddenly gone away was miraculous. Would it, could it last? I didn’t know.

    But for the first time I can ever remember, I know what it’s like to want to eat a normal amount of food, if any at all. It’s like being on a different planet.

    There have been times in the past when I haven’t followed my cravings, but they were there, lurking. Now, they seem to have gone.

    Despite getting little sleep and feeling weak and disjointed, I was still able to work on the computer. Additionally I was able to eat more mango, albeit it slowing and carefully.

    Then, a strange thing. In weighing myself, I saw that I had gained weight, despite the fast. I was astounded.

    How could this be? I wasn’t water logged, I had eaten very little, this seemed impossible. And I felt… relief. Hurrah! I wasn’t losing any more weight.

    In the afternoon, something odd happened. I was watching a video of Dr. William Tiller talking about the Reconnection and his scientific research. This strange feeling overtook me. What was it?

    I couldn’t believe it… it was a strange sense of… JOY. In the past I’ve experienced exhilaration, excitement, elation, happiness, even euphoria. But not any sense of Joy.

    How would I know? Because the word has been meaningless to me, and this new feeling was something totally different. The only word to describe it was JOY.

    Joy seems to be on a different level. It wasn’t euphoric for me, but rather peaceful positiveness on a supreme level. A feeling that things are good and right. I can’t really explain it.

    It went away after two hours or so. I’m not sure it will ever come back. But what a unique experience.

    During the day, I was still a bit woozy, but didn’t need a nap. I was also able to cook a little bit and even watch some TV.

    The Fifth Day
    I was able to sleep a full 8 hours. I can hardly remember when that has happened. I was a tiny bit queasy upon awakening, but no longer felt as if my world was ending.

    Am I still fearful of a “relapse?” Always. Do I still feel a bit “unbalanced?” Yes, I do. And my body still “hums” with some sort of chemical or homonalized self-injection.

    My brain still jumps and starts, but it seems manageable. I want to believe my body is valiantly trying to heal, and I feel that my brain is working overtime to “compensate” and re-adapt.

    But am I a million times better? I think so.

    Self Healing…
    My friend says that all cells can regenerate despite what doctors say, and that if doctors say it’s impossible to heal, what that REALLY means is that what’s impossible from the outside is possible from within.

    We have the capacity to self heal.

    I don’t know what Reconnective Healing really is. I’m going to read the book again. I only know that strange and rather wonderful things have happened.

    Of course I wish that this brain imbalance thing would go away completely and forever in an instant, but it is what it is. Considering all the other benefits, perhaps it will just need to take a little longer.

    Listening to the Body
    I am thinking that if I listen to my body and give it every opportunity to self heal, perhaps it will be able to rise to the occasion, especially with these cosmic Reconnective energetic forces that govern our Universe, and possibly our very DNA.

    I’ve had many medical treatments, both traditional and alternative. And there’s good in all. Now, it seems there may indeed be a new paradigm. As Dr. Eric Pearl puts it, a “Shift.”

    Feeling the Energy
    Another thing – now, when I hold my hands together as Eric Pearl describes, I feel tingling more and more, sometimes less, but more consistently.

    I look forward again to speak with Bonnie today. What will the future bring? I’m not sure. I’ll try to keep you posted.”

    Bonnie and I decided to do a fourth session. It just seemed that it was needed, and both of us felt it.

    I can only say that seeming magical things happened after. It’s difficult to put into words what’s happened, because it’s so new. But I will try to come back here and let you know. Let’s give it a week…

    At the moment, all I will say is that I’m amazed. I would say, read the book FIRST. I got my copy at Border’s Books for just over $10 with one of their regular coupons. (An awesome store)

    Watch the videos. Big Listing HERE. Talk to an approved Reconnection Practitioner in your area. See how you feel about it.

    But reading the book is a huge first step – it was for me.

    ~ Socal Girl




    We are perplexed and somewhat amazed with the results that we have personally observed with Reconnective Healing. It seems to profoundly transcend the other forms of healing that deal with energy flow and shift that we have studied or dealt with before.

    We find it fascinating that is such an “accessible” form of healing, available to anyone who’s merely willing to try. There’s no amulets, rituals, candles, bowls of water, needles, medicines, potions, special hand or body movements, special positions, foods or forms of ceremony.

    It’s simply a matter of being “as a child,” open to possibilities without expectations, willing to try. And it can be accessed through a book that’s less than $15.

    We can’t say that it makes perfect scientific sense, for it’s much more etheric, esoteric, ethereal.

    But there are the results. And they tell us more than anthing else possibly could. If major hospitals and universities are seeing results, there must be something to this.

    There are other means of healing methods that have had good, even great success.

    Eric Pearl’s Reconnective Healing is different in that it’s so simple, so freely accessible to all. In other words, Dr. Pearl believes that this healing power is available to anyone on Earth. All they have to do is make an effort to explore it.

    Will it heal all ills? Broken bones? AIDS? According to Dr. Pearl, seeking traditional medicine should always be a recourse when Reconnection or any other type of alternative method doesn’t yield results. But he also firmly believes that all healing is interconnected, benefitting each other, working together. Who and what really does the healing?

    According to Dr. Pearl, it is really the patient themselves. Their choice. Those who do not seem to receive results may be too “attached” to a specific outcome. Or refuse to accept that they will and can experience healing. They can “hinder” their own ability to heal.

    Is this a new time? A new mode of healing that the planet is finally available to all? No one can be absolutely certain. But most assuredly there is one observation we might all acknowledge… there seems to be a balance and symmetry in all things. There isn’t a single thing that can exist on its own without the help of another. Perhaps all needs to work synergistically, in concert, with everything else. We were once all very connected, and now, having separated, we are ready to be… reconnected.


    More In Depth Information with Important Links, Articles, Videos

    Link to Bonnie’s Website
    Note: We created a website for Bonnie and are receiving no recompense for providing this link to her website nor promoting any of her products or services.



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