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  October 26, 2010 1:24 AM
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    Date: October 26th, 2010 by AHC

    Take YOUR best shot. What are yours?

    Let me know in the comments below.

    Dr. Robert Rowen has his idea which I shall discuss below. Meanwhile…

    Here’s my guesses that first popped into my head:

    Poptarts (they last forever out of the package)
    Donuts (fat, sugar, oil, white flour, chemicals)
    Hamburger (surprise meat with processed fat)
    Processed cold cuts (more surprise meat)
    Batter Fried Anything (like faux chick’n fingers)
    Hotdogs (Same as coldcuts)
    Soda (sugar, caffeine, MSG, acid, chemicals)
    Old Moldy Condiments…

    So was I right, according to Dr. Rowen? No! The one thing he mentioned was not on the above list; POTATO CHIPS.

    What? Potato Chips? How could that be? They’re not THAT bad, are they? Other than the fact that no one can eat just one… bag that is…

    Dr. Rowen stated that potato chips act like a sugar in your body. You think you’re eating a sugar free “vegetable,” but, no. You’re actually eating a sweet. High carbohydrate foods such as chips quickly turn into glucose (a fundamental sugar) right in your bloodstream.

    Additionally, chips have high levels of acrylamides which can cause inflammation in your macrophages. Who wants inflamed macrophages? I hear about that all day on the news!

    Humor aside, macrophagic inflammation is a major cause of atherosclerosis progression. And to top it off, acrylamides bind to your hemoglobin which carries oxygen in your bloodstream. It’s oxygen your cells need, not acrylamides.

    Is it no wonder that a study on 14 human volunteers who ate 5 ounces of chips per day had extremely high levels averaging 157 mg. of acrylamides in their bloodstream? The best rate is 0. You don’t want ANY toxins regularly infusing your bloodstream. Especially cancer inducing ones.

    Here’s more bad news. Your potato chips are either fried, seasoned and baked with oil. Oils get rancid at the drop of a hat, no matter how many preservatives that are used.

    The high heat will dissipate those preservatives which, in themselves, could create hazardous byproducts. And potatoes absorb impurities in oil while frying. You can clean oil by frying potatoes in them. Isn’t that handy? Not for your digestive system!

    Perhaps you’re wondering
    what’s so bad about rancid oil. Well, for one, it can spur the growth of cancer cells. How is that?

    Well, rancidity occurs when oil becomes oxidized when exposed to oxygen in the air. This oxidation caused free radical formation. These free radicals can create HAVOC upon your intercellular components, down to your basic RNA and DNA.

    Mutations and cellular degradation can occur, giving your body much more to worry about. Bombarded cells are much more likely to mutate into deformed and cancerous cells.

    Your body already is working its hardest to negate as many environmental hazards as possible. Why give it so much more to do by eating rancid, fried foods?

    Now here’s one thing to know
    … if you have a very healthy body, chances are that potato chips will not be deadly for you. You will survive and your body will be able to repair and offset much free radical damage. But not all damage, and not for long. Even a healthy body can be overtaxed.

    So, if you are looking further for a quicker and more uncomfortable demise, eat fried foods. Especially ones that are shipped and stored in bags.

    If you are health compromised in any way, these fatty fried foods will really “take your cake” and take you down.

    As Dr. Rowen puts it, “Fried foods are the foods that will kill you first.”

    So do yourself a favor
    . Avoid those fried foods… as much as possible!



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