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  October 4, 2009 3:09 PM
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    Date: October 4th, 2009 by AHC

    World’s Strongest Antioxidant Drink?
    Hard to say, but this “superdrink” contains all of the following antioxidant juices and extracts in one relatively low cost formula: Acai, Goji, Aloe Vera, Blueberry, Mangosteen, Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea, 120 PLANT Derived Nutrients. Product name: Natural Visions MIND.

    Their philosophy: Providing an optimal beverage that saves the buyer substantial income while providing maximum health benefits and offering greater convenience by combining the best ingredients into one “synergistic superdrink.”  This means that all the ingredients work together, enhancing and augmenting each other’s performance.

    OUR RECOMMENDATION: Try the product before deciding to sell or promote it. See if it works for you as promised. If it does for you what it did for our colleague, you may be as impressed as we were with his reaction. He started with MIND, the antioxidant drink and the Weight Loss Product. He now takes the green product as well.

    UPDATE 10:24 AM 10/5/2009: We did decide to sign up as members, but we will receive no commissions at this time from any sales from any links here. If this changes, we will put notification here.

    We wrote a previous article-post on this related subject: Fortify Your Body – Prevent Major Disease

    This product is very interesting to us as it contains such a large variety of the most popular antioxidant fruit juices and extracts. Rather than buying a variety of products at high cost, we can get most everything combined into a single formula.

    We’re surprised at the high quality and value at such low cost. ($25 bottle after a free no obligation signup) Evidently, they feel their product is so good that no inducements or incentives are necessary.

    There doesn’t seem to be any games or hidden tactics involved in their sales strategy. They have created a tiered system that requires no signup fee, just a low initial purchase of a mimimum of $69.00 worth of products at substantial savings. Of course there is a satisfaction guarantee.

    We were drawn to this product simply because one of the people we admire most in this world used it first, was amazed at what it did for him, THEN researched it and found it to be impeccable.

    It seems to be a straight and true product line that tries to deliver health benefits as WELL as substantial savings. They also offer the possibility of building a good income stream.

    Other similar antioxidant juice drinks are so costly – this one is much more affordable and still has the highest quality ingredients. Plus, much more of them. So far, we can see no downside.

    Health Benefits
    The product in question has the highest ORAC score of all the top antioxidant and anti aging drinks. (The ORAC score is the official measure of comparative antioxidant units. The higher the greater amount of antioxidants.) You can look below to see the comparison chart.
    More Detailed Information about Acai, Goji, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, B Vitamins, Aloe, Green Tea Extract, Noni, Muscadine Grapes, Plant Derived Minerals :

    Acai Berries
    The Acai Berry grows in the Brazilian Rain Forest and is one of the TOP 10 Superfoods according to best selling author Dr. Nicholas Perricone, M.D. it is the highest antioxidant value of any one fruit known to man. This product claims to have an extremely high volume of Acai in each serving. This gives this product the highest estimated ORAC value per serving of ANY other nutritional beverage on the market.

    Goji Berries
    The Goji Berry (or Wolfberry) dates back to ancient China and has been used in Chinese Medicine for almost 1900 years. The Goji Berry has played an important role in traditional Chinese Medicine to enhance immune sysstem function, improve eyesight, protect the liver and improve circulation.

    Mangosteen is known as the “Queen of the Fruits” and is grown primarily in Southeast Asia. it is extremely high in xanthones. Xanthones have a VERY high antioxidant value and are also high in PHYTONUTRIENTS. The high content of xanthones found in Mangosteen also have been shown to stimulate your immune system.

    The Pomegranate is native to Persia, but is cultivated in Mediterranean regions. Pomegranate juice is a good source of Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Potassium and antioxidanats. In preliminary studies, Pomegranate has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. It has ALSO been shown to reduce high systolic blood pressure and oxidative stress.

    B Vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6 and B12
    B Vitamins are a great (natural) source of smooth and lasting energy while promoting a healthy immune system, while also assisting the body iin metabolizing carbohydrates and fat to product energy.

    Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera)
    The gel and juice of the Aloe Barbadensis contains over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins. The primary function of Aloe Barbensis as it relates to the Mind Super Drink is to maximize the assimilation of all the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals throughout your body, as well as eliminating the toxins back through your intestinal wall. This high quality aloe contains only the nutritious inner gel and not the outer rind of the leaf. It has MANY benefits including the reduction inflammation internally as well as being PROVEN to increase cell growth three fold according to Dr. James E. Fulton, M.D. Ph.D., a leading industry expert. When taken internally, Aloe Barbensis is also very effective as an aid in digestion.

    Noni is native to Southeast Asia and is high in antioxidant properties as well as Vitamin A, Vitamin Bb3, Vitamin C, Iron, Potassium, Calcium and Sodium. It has been shown to stimulate the immune systsem as well as being a good source of phytochemicals.

    Green Tea Extract
    Green tea has been used as traditional medicine in countries such as India, China, Japan and Thailand to help everything from controlling bleeding and helping heal wounds to regulating body t emperature, blood sugar and promoting digestion. it has also been shown to increase the body’s metabolism as well as being a very good source of natural energy.

    PLANT-Derived Minerals
    The most crucial ingredients that are required by the body are minerals. Most foods do NOT have the necessary amount that the body requires. This is due to soil depletion. Today’s soils are over farmed, chemicalized and nutrient DEFICIENT. This means that they will have a reduced amount of minerals and important healthy factors. Almost all supplements have metallic minerals which are ONLY assimilated in to the body at the VERY LOW rate of only 8% of actual intake. However, PLANT DERIVED minerals assimilate into the body at almost 100% of the actual intake and become almost immediately bio-available to the body. This is VERY important since so many people in industrialized countries are so DEFICIENT in mineral intake.

    Muscadine Grapes
    Muscadine Grapes are rich sources of POLYPHENOLS and other nutrients studied for their portential health benefits. Muscadine graps contain concentrations of resveratrol. RESVERATROL is a polyphenol with reported beneficial health effects.

    Resveratrol is the substance that is most often credited for the b eneficial effects of red wine (the so-called French Paradox). Resveratrol is a polyphenol compound that is present in a number of plants, but in red wine, it primarily comes from the grape skins. Studies show that Resveratrol is an effective antioxidant and that it may be beneficial for cardiovscular health. It is also actively being studied at Harvard Medical School for potential anti-aging benefits similar to calorie restriction.


    We LOVE the idea of saving money and STILL getting an extremely powerful and effective product.  Product Information and Name: “Natural Visions MIND“ 


    More Information:
    Fortify Your Body – Prevent Major Disease

    Have you used this product or have related information? Comment and let us know your thoughts and experience.


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