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  December 25, 2011 11:23 PM
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    Date: December 25th, 2011 by AHC

    Many common foods that you consume everyday may actually be contributing to ill health, even cancer. Some of the worst offenders include the following:

    Corn oil
    Corn products
    Corn sugar, corn sweeteners
    Cottonseed oil
    Soybean oil
    Soybeans (93% genetically modified)
    Sugar beets
    Corn fed beef
    GMO alfalfa fed beef
    GMO fed pork, chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, farm raised fish
    Canned foods, esp. acidic foods like tomatoes, pickles, sweet and sour foods
    Microwave popcorn
    All genetically modified foods (GMO)
    Genetically engineered foods (GE)

    Genetically engineered foods may be one of the most pressing dangers facing humanity as a species. Scientists have discovered a new organism that they’ve never seen before, infest GE corn and the animals given GE feed. A number of such animals suffer from extremely high rates of miscarriage and infertility, amongst other ills. Up to 70% of cows miscarried after being fed GE foods.

    A video of Dr. Don Huber with Dr. Mercola discussing the dangers of GMO and GE products

    Particularly insidious is the fact that GE food may contain organisms that do not behave like normal life forms. Dr. Don Huber, a GMO expert and research scientist, states, “[the organism] is not a fungus. It’s not bacteria. It’s not a mycoplasma or a virus – [although] it’s about the same size of a small virus… They have pictures of it… You can see the interactions with it. They can now culture it. It’s self-replicating… If you have yeast, bacteria, or a fungus in the culture, this entity grows very well.”

    He also states that, “we can anticipate with that broad spectrum of animal species, which is extremely unusual, that it will also [affect] humans. We’ve seen an increasing frequency of miscarriage and a dramatic increase in infertility in human populations in just the last eight to 10 years.

    Almost every processed food that you purchase from the grocery store may contain GE ingredients, UNLESS the product is labeled, “100% USDA Organic.”

    GE products are often grown with Roundup Ready, an herbicide and insecticide prolifically used on GE and GMO crops. Roundup contains glyphosate which prevents the absorption of certain nutrients, thus rendering them inaccessible to the plants. When you eat these plants, you are being robbed of those essential micronutrients that are readily available in naturally grown foods.

    Additionally, glyphosate CANNOT be washed off. It is absorbed systemically throughout the entire plant system. This means that you will be getting a dose of herbicide with every bite you eat of the plant, or the plant’s byproducts.

    Gloyphosate has been implicated in the cause of genetic damage, infertility, and even cancer. It is ACUTELY toxic to fish and birds and kills the extremely valuable natural fauna, beneficial insects and vital soil nutrients and that are so crucial for plant reproduction and ecological balance.

    GE ingredients come in the form of additives, seasonings, thickeners, oils, fillers, sweeteners, texture modifiers, broth, and more. They are often hidden and difficult, even impossible to identify on the label. They may be labeled by seeming unrelated names.

    It turns out that microwave popcorn gives off toxic chemicals when subjected to microwave cooking. The high, intense radiation causes the release of various volatile oils, esters as well as toxic chemicals that are impregnated on the inside of the bags. These chemicals have been found to be a possible cause for infertility and cancer.

    These days, cows and steers are fed a very irritating mix of corn husks, stalks and kernels that are mostly genetically modified. These harsh foods cause grave indigestion and discomfort to the cattle, as well as fattens them up and leaves genetically engineered organisms within their meat. In addition, their gastro-intestinal tracts and bodies are particularly stressed and subject to inflammation and infection. Such cattle are fed a constant regimen of antibiotics. These cattle are also fed protein and feed supplements that usually contain chicken farm byproducts. Such beef is higher in fat, lower in nutrition and may contain harmful residues.

    Cans most often are lined with a coating that contains bisphenol-A (BPA), a synthetic estrogen that mimics real estrogen in the body, yet can contribute to many illnesses. Acidic foods can increase the amount of leeching of this chemical into the food.

    Cottonseed oil is notorious for containing larger amounts of pesicide and herbicide residues. Modern cotton is particularly susceptible to fungii, mold, insect infestation and other plant diseases. Cottonseed oil is used commonly in commercial kitchens for deep frying, and added to many frozen, canned and processed foods. This oil should be avoided. Additionally, GMO cotton contains genetic material from living organisms, and may contain some types of “moving” fibers. Some have claimed that such cotton may contribute to the condition known as Morgellon’s Disease.

    Canola oil is a man-madefood product derived from the toxic rapeseed. Highly processed and genetically modified to reduce the toxic amounts of erucic acid with oleic acid, this oil, has very little nutritional value and is a polyunsaturated fat that has long since been found to contribute to disease. Polyunsaturated vegetable oils are no longer considered a healthy food, but rather harmful to health.

    The best vegetable oil for frying or sauteing is non-GMO, organically grown peanut oil, which takes high temperatures well in comparison to other vegetable oils, especially olive oil.

    At one time, beets were considered healthy and part of a nutritious diet. These days, sugar beets are bred for high sugar content and are genetically engineered. They are the second largest source of sucrose in the world.



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